The Untamed Shrews - May 31 - June 3, 2012


Marge Tackes Spent her formative years in Chicago, developing her Yankee bitch approach to life. She has a biting, head-on style that results in wild, unabashed comedy. Marge has a wide variety of entertainment experience. For the past ten years she has made a living in comedy, music and acting. Her television credits include Comedy Central, Wake Up Chicago and Puttin' On The Laffs'

A former female wrestler, Susan Smith represents the sweet southern belle gone bad. Her act has all the energy you'd expect from this red-headed Amazon. She does impressions, sings and involves the audience with hilarious results. Susan is a seasoned performer and has graced stages throughout the country. She has also appeared on the Disney channel, USA Network and The Nashville Network.

Marge and Susan work together to create a naughty yet fantastic show that you definitely won't want to miss!

Check out the Shrews' Website for more information and upcoming tour dates!

Ticket Info:

Tickets will be available up to 4 weeks before the show -- please check back a little later. Thanks!

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