Mikey Mason - August 19 - 21, 2010

Mikey Mason is a comedy rock star...a naughty cartoon character...an experiment gone wonderfully wrong. He explodes on the stage with unfathomable energy, relentlessly pounding away at his audience with a wit as fast as his mouth, infectiously outrageous original songs, and his completely twisted world view.

Mikey is not right in the head and he likes it that way! His act is somewhere between what we think and what we let ourselves say. And his songs...! Songs like 'I Hate Your Kids', 'Licky-Licky Night', 'Reality Based Children's Songs', 'Ode To A Single Mother Of Two In The Apartment Next door At
5:30am' and many, many more are brutally hilarious.

Mikey is unabashed, unafraid and unquestionably funny! He is the psycho stalker ex-boyfriend of comedy except that you will want to see him again. And again. And again!!

Check out Mikey's Website for more information and upcoming tour dates!

Ticket Info:

Tickets will be available up to 4 weeks before the show -- please check back a little later. Thanks!

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