Jake Sharon - Mar 3 - Mar 6, 2011

Jake Sharon is an extreme geek! He jumps out of airplanes, climbs mountains, bicycles long-distances, but he's still too chicken to talk to a girl. His off-the-cuff silliness he has honed as an improv actor, coupled with his offbeat, razor sharp wit, have made him a favorite on stages across the country.

He was featured twice in the Boston Comedy Festival. He took first place in the Starz/ Jumpcut Stand-up contest. He won the 2007 Wits End "Survival of The Wittiest" comedy contest. He appeared in an ESPN pre-Super Bowl spot for the NFL. USA Network made him a finalist in their "Show Us Your Character" contest! He also appeared on the WB's Elimidate- where he was rejected.

Overall, Jake's geeky/ insightful commentary on everything from relationships, to the economy, to cattle, to his gremlin-esque pranks, will make him your favorite too. Hooray!

Check out Jake's Website for more information and upcoming tour dates!

Ticket Info:

Tickets will be available up to 4 weeks before the show -- please check back a little later. Thanks!

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