D.C. Malone - Jan 6-9, 2010

After 20 some years as 1/2 of the comedy duo "Malone & Nootcheez", DC's gone solo. He's got a quick wit and an unpredictable comedic mind that surprises at every turn, and his masterful musical ability and unique voice was the mainstay of M & N for years.

A funny guy in his own right (a headliner at many comedy clubs), D.C. is also an exceptional guitar player with a powerful and intense voice. He adds an extra musical dimension to his show that audiences love.

Check out D.C.'s MySpace page for tour news and updates: www.myspace.com/dcmalone

Ticket Info:

Tickets will be available up to 4 weeks before the show -- please check back a little later. Thanks!

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