Charlie Wiener - Oct 14 - Oct 17, 2010

What happens when a baby boomer happily residing in a closet, deep in the recesses of his mind, wakes up to find he has been married several times and is the father to two daughters of voting age? Where did the good times go? What's a mortgage? How did reality find him?

Charlie Wiener joins the hilarious struggle as he rants and harangues against what would make him give up the easy life and become an adult - and earn a normal paycheck like a civilized human being.

Through three musical albums, headlining gigs in comedy clubs and colleges throughout the U.S., hosting television shows and appearing on such shows as A&E's Evening at the Improv, Charlie has proven repeatedly that nothing is more hysterical than an old hippie coming to grips with everyday life.

Charlie is considered one of the top comedians working the club circuit. One of the most freakish, wild and comical evenings you will ever have, with all the subtlety of a howling monkey, it's Charlie to the rescue. You'll find out your life really isn't bad at all!

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